Homework and Textbook Information

You will need to be able to read the textbook to pass this class. However, it is not necessary to buy a hard copy of the textbook from the bookstore. There are other options. Please read the information on this page to understand these options.

WileyPLUS is the online homework system that you will use to complete all homework assignments for this class. There are three ways to get access to the WileyPLUS system (as illustrated by the green items in this picture of the WileyPLUS registration page—you’ll see how to get to this page in a minute):


One way to access WileyPLUS is to purchase the textbook bundle from the bookstore that comes with a WileyPLUS registration code.

Another way is to purchase access to WileyPLUS separately for $75. You can do this directly through the WileyPLUS registration page. Note that all students who register for WileyPLUS will be able to access a (restricted) electronic version of the textbook. So, if you don’t mind reading the textbook online, while logged in to WileyPLUS, it is not necessary for you to purchase a hard copy of the textbook from the bookstore.

A third way to gain access to WileyPLUS is the method I recommend you try first: choose the free 14-day trial access. Of course, after the trial period ends, you will need to purchase access (for $75 or by purchasing a textbook bundle with registration code) to continue completing the work in this class. (Your 14-day trial period begins as soon as you register for WileyPLUS.)

To summarize, the cheapest (but maybe less convenient) option is to purchase access to WileyPLUS separately for $75 and either (a) use the electronic version of the text that comes with WileyPLUS, or (b) rent the text from Amazon for about $40, or (c) buy the Kindle version of the book for about $70.  Probably the most convenient (but also most expensive) option is to buy the textbook bundle from the bookstore that comes with a WileyPLUS registration and a hard copy of the textbook ($220).

One more important note: the electronic version of the textbook that comes with WileyPLUS has some inconvenient restrictions. For example, you cannot read it offline and you cannot download it to your computer or tablet or kindle or other device. You must be logged into your WileyPLUS account to use it. This will be inconvenient if you plan to study while travelling, for example.

The first WileyPLUS “orientation” assignment and Homework 1 are now available and due by 11pm Friday, August 30.  To get started, point your web browser to the following URL:


I suspect most of you do not yet have a WileyPLUS account, so you will click on the green “Create Account” button and follow the instructions. You will either insert the registration code that came with the book bundle you purchased at the bookstore, or, if you didn’t buy a textbook and don’t have a registration code, you can purchasing access for $75, as mentioned above.

IMPORTANT: do not create an account more than once, and do not forget your username and password.  Also, remember to log out of WileyPLUS whenever you finish using it. Otherwise, it may be difficult to login again, e.g., on a different computer.  WileyPLUS does not allow you to have multiple sessions on multiple computers open simultaneously.

As with all homework, you should try to get it done well before the deadline so that if you have any problems or questions you can post them on the Blackboard discussion forum, or ask me in class, after class, or by email.


4 thoughts on “Homework and Textbook Information

  1. Hello.

    I am having an issue with one of the homework questions for homework 4. Problem 2.1.19 is asking me to “use the figure below to fill the blanks in the following statements about the function g at point B.” However, there is no figure showing. I adjusted several settings on my computer, but nothing is showing up. Should I report this to Wiley Plus?

    -Sierra Defoor
    Math 122

    • Dear Sierra, What broswer are you using? Is it Safari on a Mac? Some students have reported problems with Safari in the past. I recommend you try Firefox or Chrome. If you continue to experience the problem, then yes it would be best to contact WileyPLUS tech support. Thanks for the comment.

      • Hello,
        I was using Internet Explorer (because I don’t know, I know it sucks, obviously). I downloaded Firefox and it said I had to install an Adobe Flash Player plugin to see the graph. Apparently the plugin isn’t available for Windows 8 64-bit so I couldn’t download it. So I just borrowed my friend’s computer. I’m going to ask Wiley Plus if there’s anything I can do about that. Thank you for the help.

        -Sierra Defoor

        • Dear Sierra, I’m glad you were able to power through this problem and get the homework done. If you are able to resolve this issue (which seems like a browser problem), please post another comment here. Thanks!

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