Algebra & Logic Seminar — Fall 2013

Organization meeting (8/23)

Topics mentioned

  1. Lovasz Local Lemma (newish proof)
  2. CSP (Cai?)
  3. Park Conjecture
  4. Combinatorial properties of strings of symbols
  5. Category theory
  6. Topology & Computing
  7. Co-algebra
  8. Duality (for relational structures)

It was decided that George would speak next Friday (8/30) to introduce the topic “combinatorial properties of strings of symbols” and Michael would speak the following week on this topic.

Followup Notes

There were many nice talks at the BLAST conference earlier this month, and at least three of the topics mentioned above were discussed. Some of the slides for these talks have been posted on the conference schedule page.
Martin Escardo didn’t use slides for his talk on “Interactions between topology and computation,” but he has posted slides for his short course on this topic, and related resources, on this page. Other resources about this and related topics are collected here.



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